About us

Welcome to my site, I thought i would add a little info about myself and mummas little monsters to give you a bit of insight of who we are and what we are about. So im Jade, Im based in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire. I am a busy mumma to 3 amazing children, who are my everything and they can also be right little monsters, Hense the name mummas little monsters - me and my children. After my maternity leave ended with my middle child I went back to work and it was only a short couple of months before i realised that i couldn't do it, He needed me and i needed him more. So i chose to be at stay at home mumma and quickly got bored and wanted to contribute to our household, So i got thinking.. My son suffers from awful eczema and has awful flare ups constantly so he needed to be dressed in super soft cotton only, I found that at his age there was limited availability in the high street shops and i also found that leggings only went up to a certain size before changing to the jogger style which im not a fan of. So after driving my partner crazy with my ideas he purchased my first sewing machine, I got practising on leggings for my son and quickly got hooked, so here we are. Thank you for taking your time to browse my page any inquires please dont hesitate to contact me